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This round was manufacturedto give the AR-15 enthusiast a great choice for an affordable round fortarget shooting, training and practice.Discover great deals for Criterion barrels inc ar and Nato brand military ammo.

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Its wide range of products is exported to over 100 countries and attends to the needs of military, law enforcement and commercial markets.

I tend to pick guns in calibers where ammo stays relatively cheap and easy to find—.22 Long Rifle,.223 Remington and 9mm. The Four Best Cheap Ammo Buys.Get in-stock 22lr ammo for sale at. manufacturer in the United States and makes some of the best ammo you will find. for Special Deals.

Projectile has a hardened steel penetrator and lead core enclosed in a gilding metal jacket.

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Each cartridge is carefully made with a reloadable brass case, a Boxer primer, and a carefully calculated charge of smokeless powder.

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Great for plinking at the cabin or punching paper at the range.

Discount: Additional 10% All Aero Precision Products (includes already discounted products).I can find plenty of inexpensive.223, but would prefer to shoot the cartridge my carbine was designed.

Pack Remington L223R3BP.223 ammo for sale online at cheap. ammo, 223 ammo, Ammo, Deals. HP bullet. 223 Remington ammo made by Federal is the best.CBC has become of the major providers of ammunition to NATO countries, police forces and sport shooters worldwide.GunWarrior: Best Deals on Wholesale Ammunition, Shooting Targets, Discount Firearms, Camping and Survival Gear.Our high quality 5.56 NATO Rifle Ammunition is...Non-corrosive. 55 Grain. Bi-metal full metal jacket bullet.Muzzle Velocity: 3,241 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 1,283 ft.-lbs. 20 rounds per box, 1,000 rounds per case.Stock Up Now.

Although the.223 Remington and 5.56x45 NATO cartridges are quite similar, there are some differences.The.223 Remington and 5.56 NATO calibers are the popular centerfire cartridge in America.Magtech USA is now offering true military contract production CBC M193 5.56 55gr FMJ ammunition.

Credit to the guys on the Zombie Hunters forum for pointing out Natchez Shooters Supplies which has some GREAT deals.Shop our wide selection of high-quality ammunition for all of your needs.

Hello All,I need some ammo advice from the experts. what else will give me the best bang for my buck accuracy wise from this.This ammunition is new production,non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.