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With Concierge Gold Service Extras assistance with repairs, replacements and more is just a call away, plus you get lots of extras like 30 days unlimited Tech Support.

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This Concierge Gold Service Extras is subject to the laws of the State or Territory in Australia where it was purchased.They can also help You install an app on Your phone or tablet, like a TV remote app so You can use Your phone or tablet to control Your TV.The Telstra Pre-Paid 4G My Pocket Wi-Fi Ultimate Mobile Hotspot is available now through Telstra branded.For Small Appliances the Concierge Team will provide You with a claim number to take to The Good Guys store of Your choosing with Your small appliance.

I noticed these discounted International Fares some few hours ago. 93%OFF TPG ADSL2 Deals and Coupons.The following costs, loss or damage are excluded from the Concierge Gold Service Extras.We can help you compare broadband plans and choices no matter what.If Your Product breaks down due to Wear and Tear arising from normal Use of the product, then Concierge will repair or replace Your Product as in section 5.3.1. A breakdown caused by Wear and Tear is one that is not the result of any external influence (i.e: physical impact or water damage).

Gold Service Extras is subject to these contractual terms and conditions as agreed between You and Us.You can transfer Your Concierge Gold Service Extras to a new owner of the product at no cost to You.

You must notify and provide Us with a valid invoice within fourteen (14) days of Your return to Australia as Well as proof of travel (flight itinerary or booking confirmation).Tech Support means the assistance to users of technology products.

Boom is an independent business based in Melbourne and servicing the.If Your Product is serviced by this Concierge Gold Service Extras and requires repair and We request the product be sent to Our repairer, We will pay for the cost to courier or freight the product, excluding any barge or ferry costs, from Your home to our approved repairer, and from our approved repairer back to Your home.To be eligible for a Concierge Price Shield claim, You must have.

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The Product is not mechanically or cosmetically damaged in any way.When You purchase Your product, You can add Concierge Gold Service.Essential Appliance refers to: a television, washing machine.With these items We will provide details of an approved and reliable a Third Party Service Provider to You, where the call out and repair costs will be at Your expense.Where We are unable to provide an equivalent replacement product, We may provide a store credit that You can use to select a similar product, up to the value of the original Product purchased.

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Original Purchase Price means the amount paid by You to The Good.We will repair or replace the Product or relevant parts with the same or equivalent Product or parts.The Concierge Team will work with You and the Authorised Service Agent to ensure Your assessment or repair is completed in a timely manner and You are satisfied with the results. Broadband | Internet | Home Phones | NBN

Includes a built-in DSL modem and is compatible with all major DSL Internet service providers whilst storage for downloads is easy with ReadySHARE for. ADSL2+ | Broadband Plans with Internet, Phone, Voi

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Software installations do not include software setup, or configuration and training on software will be limited to specific software suites.Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm (AEST) to assist You with any enquiries.

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If you choose to select a product that is not in the same category as the original Product purchased, or choose to have the replacement value paid out in the form of a store credit, your Gold Services Extras will cease.To be eligible for a Concierge Price Shield claim, You must have purchased a product with Concierge and lodge an online claim within 30 days of your purchase date.Even though the cost of the replacement product is of a greater value than the original Product purchased. ADSL & ADSL2+ broadband & 3G Mobile broadb

Please be aware that where the Product is capable of retaining Usergenerated data, this may be lost during a repair process.The Concierge Team will assess the request and if a replacement product is approved, organise the replacement and store authorisation.Boom Broadband offers some features that other NBN Providers.

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You return the Products to The Good Guys store from where it was purchased (or shipped from in the case of online orders).